About us

We started in 2004 only with biochemistry equipment, then we found the way to other clinical laboratory specialties, and now we represent top companies and manufacturers of devices for other medical fields, in Europe and Asia. And we won't stop here!

Our clients are our colleagues, the interaction with them stimulates and motivates us to move forward. We have created a portfolio of quality products, already known on the Romanian market.

We managed to make ourselves known through professionalism, quality and after-sales services. Using our solid training in the field, we not only sale quality products, but we also offer maintenance services, technical support and service, nationwide.
Values, principles and standards of conduct are the self-assumed characteristics that differentiate us.

The identification of a pathology is always based on a correct laboratory analysis and therefore WE CARE!

Certificat ISO 9001:2015

Aviz de funcționare ANMDM